See this: Enter the Dragons

The menopause isn’t usually the subject of comedy in fact type the word into your search engine and you’ll get a barrage of remorselessly bleak advice about incontinence, lack of libido, depression and HRT, couched in florid, scare-mongering language.  It’s… Read More

Seeking Guest bloggers…

It’s that time again, when Amanda and I find ourselves slightly overwhelmed with the demands of our day jobs, blogging and trying to have a life. So we are seeking contributors, either long or short term, to guest post for… Read More

Ethnic dress lust

I have been slightly obsessed with these traditional Ukrainian embroidered dresses and tunics – known as vyshyvankas – for a while now after seeing Anna Dello Russo and various other fashionistas wearing them on Instagram. The dresses have become a … Read More