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Thea Porter: Bohemian Chic

After New York and London Fashion Week’s interest in all thing 70s bohemia, we suggest to grab a copy of this new V&A publication. Thea Porter’s clothes are the only ones Joan Collins never throws away, apparently and Thea’s shop… Read More

Vanilla Table by Natasha MacAller

This is a lovely book, stuffed with excellent recipes which are linked by the inclusion of vanilla in all. I am a vanilla fiend and will use it whenever I can. I buy the stuff in bulk off the internet… Read More

Home Cooking by Laurie Colwin

I was recently given this wonderful and uplifting American cookery book by my friend Kay Gardiner, one half of the magnificent Mason Dixon Knitting. More cooking memoir than recipe book, it is a gentle, funny, charming and highly readable book… Read More