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Over the last few years we have noticed more and more people have taken the cycling option as an alternative to the living Hell that is public transport (especially in London). What could be better; an ethical form of transport and exercise with a purpose. How useful!

We ride our bike to work every day (although the recent cold weather has made us take the bus more often) We love the freedom and the all the things you see on a bike that you would never usually notice. Riding down side streets you discover all kinds of interesting places and we have even seen foxes on our early morning rides.

More and more trendy bike shops and even bike cafes are springing up all over London as young (and older) hipsters take to the road.  We know it should be about the cycling and not about how we look, but we do work in fashion and call us shallow, but we really would prefer not to look like we are delivering a package when we arrive at work. We are going for the Miss Marple meets Cath Kidston look when heading out on two wheels good.  We figure that as cycling is useful and exercise, it warrants a little retail therapy.  

We recently discovered Bobbin Bicycles, a fabulous shop and website who stock a selected range of retro style upright bikes made by Dutch, British and US manufacturers, as well as rain capes, stylish panniers, lights, bells and helmets.

Now at least we will look co-ordinated, when attempting to get up the hill from Kings Cross to Islington. Red bike, red face!

Bobbin Bicycles, 19 Arlington Way, London, EC1R 1UY

Bobbin Bicycles


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