Middle Aged Mum

We’re Back….

The Women’s Room launched in a crazy week in 2008 when we entered a period of uncertaintity, considered by many economists to have been the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression. But enough of the good old days!… Read More

Middle-aged mum.com: Hair dilemmas

Since I was old enough to backcomb, I have always been one for trying out new hair styles. Siousixie Soux punk inspired finger in the socket do’s, Bananrama crimping, 50s rockabilly quiffs, pixie crops, blunt bobs, idiot boy king fringes… Read More

Middleagemum.com: Serial

This weekend was the first weekend youngestson came home from University since he started back in September. We’ve all missed him and were really looking forward to his return. He phoned earlier in the week to request a proper Sunday… Read More