Simple pleasures: a nice pencil

Felissimo's 500 pencils are issued at 25 a month over 20 months

Nerdy? Us? Only when it comes to stationery. Our nice friends at Howies pointed out this beautifully presented blog on all things pencil related and now it's a bit of a virtual destination whenever we log on. It tells stationery obsessives like us everything you ever wanted to know about pencils (what wood are they made of? how do they get the leads inside? what's the best pencil sharpener ever?) including coloured ones and touches a bit on notepads too.

 We are currently coveting the Felissimo 500 series, which are coloured pencils in every shade imaginable and they have gorgeous names like Drizzly Afternoon, Mild Curry and Frog Pond. If you sign up you get sent 25 colours a month for 20 months, like an extended Christmas present, you actually can't buy them all at once, not that anyone could afford to….Why does everything we love cost so much?

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