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Are you fed up with the sterile perfection of designer hotels. Do you yearn for " A little bit of rough in a luxurious London, or a little bit of luxury in a rough part of London."

Look no further than Rough Luxe, the new hotel set in the not so luxurious Kings Cross area. The Grade II listed building was transformed by designer Rabih Hage and combines old and new furniture and art, luxury fabrics and cheap materials and eclectic colour combinations. With only nine rooms and breakfast served by our very favourite deli, Ottolenghi, it feels like staying in someones rather grand if slighly shabby home.

Rough Luxe isn't just a hotel, it's also a new way of re-defining
luxury. The team have plans to develop the concept for more
hotels, restaurants, bookshops and food and drink retail
"Rough Luxe is a new way of looking at luxury as part of time
and not only part of of an object of consumption.
The Rough Luxe definition of luxury is: Time for reflection,
personal encounters with people, nature, architecture and
environment as well as food and social and cultural experiences
linked to geographical locations."
Rough luxe is a term we could become very familiar
with in 2009.
Rough Luxe
1 Birkenhead Street
Tel: +44 (0)207 837 5338
Fax: +44 (0)207 837 1615
Rough Luxe

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