We love: Ladies of Letters Go Global


We love Radio Seven but don’t quite understand it. It seems to be the place drama and comedy programmes from Radio Four go to be recycled ad infinitum. Sometimes it’s a good week, sometimes not. But this week it has played one of our favourite programmes, Ladies of Letters, featuring two of our favourite older ladies, Prunella Scales and Patricia Routledge as the totally mad Irene and Vera.

In Ladies of Letters Go Global you get five episodes (75 mins) back to back about how the ladies find themselves abducted by Transylvanian separatists (Vera) and forced to work as casual labour in Ibiza (Irene) via MI6, the Moscow Marriot and Panglawangla. Truly wonderful. Put your feet up and listen, but do it before Sunday 3rd May, when it goes off the Listen Again.There’s a new series coming from the ladies next week on Radio Four, 10.45am and they’re talking about the credit crunch. Can’t wait

Ladies of Letters Go Global

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