A pile of books

Picture 024There is something special about a pile of new books, the anticipation and excitement of knowing you will be lost in another time or place every time you pick it up and the simple pleasure of a stolen hour on your own, engrossed in a different world.

But is it just us or do you find if a book doesn't engage you by the second chapter you cant seem to continue with it? Not something we ever did when we were younger.
Maybe we had less money and felt the need for a return on our investment, maybe we were less fussy and more willing to try new things. Or is it that we sometimes feel (especially with fiction) that all too often we've heard it all before! In the same way that we really don't want to read re-hashed features on dieting or relationships in magazines, obvious chick lits novels and the like leave us cold.

Becoming more discerning is a definite sign of getting older, as you are clearer about what you like and less willing to waste time. But there is always the danger of  becoming set in ones ways. Joining a book group is a great way to move out of your comfort zone and experience books you might not normally try.

Personally we always find the books we love most are recommended by friends. So here are some of our recent favourites.

Somewhere Towards The End – Diana Athill

Sunset Song – Lewis Grassic Gibbon 

Revolutionary Road – Richard Yates 

The Home-Maker – Dorothy Canfield Fisher 

The Room of Lost Things – Stella Duffy 

Born to Be Good – Dacher Keltner  

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