Simple pleasures: bluebells in London

Picture 060

We love living in London but sometimes we pine for the simple pleasures of the countryside, especially at this time of year. Chance encounters with nature are everywhere in the country and often taken for granted by those who live there. Appreciating nature in London usually has to be planned, unless you are lucky enough to have a big garden or live near one of the cities many beautiful parks.
Recently when visiting friends who live in an idyllic village in Suffolk, we were amused to observe their ten year old son spend the best part of a beautiful sunny day on the Play Station, whereas our urban teens were overjoyed to be out feeding the chickens, riding bikes and climbing trees. A real case of the grass is always greener!
Cycling through Gordon Square in Euston last week, I came across these stunning bluebells. The contrast of the hard edges of the urban architecture and the simplicity of nature, stopped me in my tracks and the beauty of the image stayed with me all day.

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