We love: Hermes bicycles



As part of the day job, The Women's Room gets to look at lots of fashion windows, probably more than is good for us, to be honest. But sometimes we see stuff we just fall in love with, and the Hermes bicycle windows in the Bond Street store are a case in point.

Exquisite shell encrusted bikes, with Hermes leather saddle bags and brightly coloured strappy sandals  perched on the pedals, we SO want one of these. How fabulous are the ice cream cornets with carefully wrapped and twisted scarves and the brand logo on the front basket picked out with tiny black shells? Sadly the bikes are not for sale and we can't afford to buy anything in Hermes itself (although you might remeber our post on the nice things they do with scarves) so we'll just have to stand on the pavement and admire the superior craft projects that these are.


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