Happy Birthday The Women’s Room!


Happy Birthday to us! We are one year old today. Since we started back in October 2008, right as the economic crisis took hold, we have been acquiring readers (that would be you guys) at a rate of knots. Thank you for reading and sticking with us, we absolutely love doing this and it is incredibly exciting to see our little community grow. Every day our numbers go up and our community of much under represented older women grows.

We now have daily hits from readers in 76 different countries, from the UK and USA, (where most of our readers seem to live) to places as diverse as Latvia (one reader), Sri Lanka (two readers) and even The Congo (one reader and we would SO love to hear from you).

There are two dedicated readers from the Isle of Man, one in Latvia, 27 readers in Los Angeles (please let one of them be a fab actress….) and 76 in Manchester. Tokyo and Teddington both have 11 readers each. We are well read in Ireland, Canada, Switzerland (hello Steffi), Australia and New Zealand. Phew! We are amazed and thrilled by all of this.

What we'd really like now is for you to talk to us. Leave us a comment when ever you can at the bottom of the daily post. Tell us what you'd like us to write about, or tell us what you can't abide and we'll steer clear. We think health (HRT and the menopause in particular) and maybe dating after 40 are subjects we want to cover, but what about you? Anything you want us to look into? Let us know.

Meanwhile, thanks to our regular commenters, we've loved your input and hope you'll keep it up. We've had a cracking first year, here's to the next one and thanks a million for being there. Amandax


Happy Birthday to us, one year old today and unlike my own birthdays, I feel a sense of excitement and anticipation about us growing older! When we came up with the idea for the Womens Room, little did we realise the journey it would take us on both personally and professionally. When we look back our previous 395 posts, we give ourselves a little pat on the back, for developing our style of writing and a lot of content that we still love reading (hopefully you do too?).

The point of the Womens Room was to develop a blog that we would love to read ourselves and a way to connect like minded women. It seems we have done that, as we now have many readers from all over the world. 

We started by telling a few of our friends and word spread – viral marketing at its best. We would much rather have a friend tell us about something they love and its seems you would too. We think that's the key to a successful blog, it's not about marketing or selling, its about opinion and recommendation (and a little bit of emotion), with no strings attached. 

There are many more subjects we would love to cover and have big plans for the future. Health is a huge issue for women our age and the menopause looms for many of us. We have found it almost impossible to find sound advice for this sometimes difficult period in a womens life and plan to cover this more. We would love to write more about food, and gardening is a subject dear to our hearts. So if you are a food or gardening expert, let us know. We can't pay you, but you can be part of our growing community.

As we write the blog on top of our day jobs, it isn't always easy to combine both, but I can honestly say I have never ever thought ' oh no, I have to write a post.' Probably the opposite, I always have too many ideas and not enough time. 

The Womens Room is our passion and one day we would love it to be our day job, but until then, keep reading, keep commenting and let us know what you think of us. We can take it, we live with teenagers!!!

Jane x

PS. Amanda made the fabulous cake and I think her boys have eaten it!!

Nearly all of it…..Ax 

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