Kurt Geiger’s desert shoe boot is back

Kurt geiger desert boot shoe 2010
Anyone  wishing they had bought Kurt Geiger's desert shoe boot last season (we showed them on Sarah a while ago in the grey) might be interested to know that something very similar and just as nice is coming out in June in the pre collection for this autumn. They are called Scarpe, are from the Carvela range, cost £130 and come in black or camel, with the all important easy-to-walk-in crepe sole and heel.

I should warn you that you are likely to be bombarded with the shoe version of an aviator jacket this winter, featuring a bit of sheepskin folded seductively down from the ankle. They seem to be prominant in every retailer's collection. I am already planning the addition of the Shelley, below, at £150 from the same Carvela story, they look fabulous in either grey or brown and actually look a COMFORTABLE heel.

Kurt Geiger autumn 2010 shoes (1)

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