What we would love: a good nights sleep

Dr Weil Origins Night Health2

Disturbed sleep is a very real problem in many womens lives. It is also an unpleasant (one of the many) symptom of the peri menopause. We have tried various ways to get a full eight hours, but have begun to think that maybe padding around the house at 3 am is becoming part of our routine (and not in a good way). So we were delighted when we visited Origins last week and found they had introduced a Night Health range. 

We already love Peace of Mind their on the spot relief cream, for those tense moments, so decided to give this range a try. We bought the Bedtime Bath Oil which includes a blend of Chamomile, Lavender and Mandarin essential oils. It has been developed by Dr Andrew Weil, Origins very own sleep specialist. The range also includes a face cream, bedtime balm and bedtime spray.

Dr Weil says the key to a good nights sleep is, keeping your bedroom, cool, dark, quiet and 'green,' which means bedding made of natural fabrics. Learning to surrender willingly to sleep (easier said than done!) Avoid excessively stimulating books, or having a television in your bedroom and staying away from alcohol, caffeine and nicotine.

We defiantly notice our sleep is much worse after more than two glasses of wine and find ourselves increasingly conscious of this. So after a cup of Chamomile tea, a hot bath with the Origins oil and the most boring book in the world, I did finally get a good nights sleep.

Let us know your tips for a full eight hours?

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