We love: India’s Posterous

Rainbow cake
Doesn't this picture make you want to drop everything and make a cake? India Knight is one of our favourite journos and we were thrilled to discover that she has started a blog called India's Posturous. This cake is on her new blog, India found it on the very clever Whatever blog, which was also featured on the Urban Outfitters blog, which goes to show just how quickly cooking a colourful cake at home for the kids can cause a global baking pandemic.

There's a lot of good stuff on India's Posturous and she's only just begun so we'll be putting her on our right hand column list of great blogs to follow. She also wrote a good article on women talking through blogs in this weekend's Sunday Times magazine (without once mentioning her own, which we thought was incredibly non-show-off-ish of her, we'd have had ours in the first para), where she lists a few more wordy blogs to follow.

Ms Knight states that blogs are a perfect medium for women who are at home with children, often feeling isolated due to their circumstance, to express themselves. There are some great writers emerging from the blogosphere who perfectly distill domestic dullness into something hilarious and entertaining. Life, particularly with children, is not pretty and is rarely as it is displayed in magazines. Blogs, with their personal, non edited, non advertising-influenced, non book deal compromised writing tell it as it is, and makes us screech with laughter. Our favourite of India's list has to be Belgian Waffle.

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