Want to meet Marian Keyes? We have tickets for you…..


A very nice offer here from our friends over at Gudrun Sjödén; the hugely successful author Marian Keyes is visiting Gudrun’s Covent Garden flagship store on Saturday 26th Sept (yep next Saturday) and we have five front row tickets to give away.

The event will happen at 2.00pm and Marian, who has sold over 25 million books world wide (blimey) will be reading from her latest, The Woman Who Stole My Life, taking questions from the audience and generally hanging out for the afternoon. There will be refreshments, a very generous goody bag and £10 voucher to use on any shopping you do. Marian will also be signing copies of her book.

Gudrun fans will be delighted to hear that apparently Marian is one of them and wears Gudrun’s clothes frequently on her tours around the globe being a famous author. We’ve seen on many occasion the total joy Gudrun’s designs gives her dedicated fans. They love the cheerful colours, the fact that she is neither sizeist or ageist (unlike most of the fashion industry) and her latest catalogue features some gorgeous older women looking – shock horror!- very good in clothes.

Anyway, fans of both Marain and Gudrun should leave a comment below as to why we should give you a ticket, and winners will be picked by lunchtime on Wednesday and emailed promptly, since it’s not that long until next Saturday.

gudrun againAnchor image of Gudrun in front of her New York store from Style Cartel


  • Amanda says:

    I’m a big fan of Marion both her novels and her witty,warm personality. I don’t know Gudrun’s clothing but I’d love to have see it and have a treat.
    In the last 3 weeks, I’ve started a new job, my daughter started a new school and my son has gone off to uni! Amanda

  • Amanda says:

    You’ve won Amanda! contacting you by email now….x

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