Where to go for a good Christmas market


So back to the Christmas market in Brussels, where we found ourselves last Saturday with our away-day tickets from Eurostar. Now we love markets and had never been to the Brussels one before, so expectations were high, and guess what? It was something of a disappointment. Getting to Brussels by Eurostar is easy, it takes just two hours, and the chocolates, biscuits, restaurants and antique shops are great and worth a visit.

But The Women's Room is based in London, where there are some absolutely fantastic Christmas markets, as we reported last week and the wonderful Wee Birdy reported comprehensively too. The problem is we are rather sophisticated with our retail tastes now, and want unique, crafty, beautiful and original stuff at our Christmas markets and there is a flurry of brilliant crafts people around, particularly in East London, who are really raising the bar in terms of interesting product. All this before you even start on Etsy…..

The Brussels market was good for food, it's almost worth going for the waffles and mulled wine, but more as an extra to do after a great lunch (we went to Belga Queen, where we had meatballs and frites, yum) and a tour round the chocolate and antiques stores (check out Olga Polizzi's FT article on Brussels antique stores here).

Being absolutely honest, we'd probably suggest to our Brussel's readers that they should hop on the Eurostar the other way, and take a day break to London- particularly with the Euro as it is.


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