Simple pleasures: curated shelves

Shelf curating
It seems that not everyone spends ages curating their shelves, which seems strange to us! Isn't it just a given that the things around your house need to be arranged into complimentary groups, either by theme and/or colour? 

I recently realised that maybe other people don't do this, when my daughter and friends were sitting on our sofa watching TV and I was coming in and out of the room with various different coloured pots, putting them on the mantelpiece, standing back and surveying them, then swapping and arranging. "What are you doing?' asked her friend. 'Arranging things on the mantelpiece,' said I, and was met with a confused look, 'Why', she replied, 'cos she's weird', replied my daughter!! Hopefully she'll also be weird one day too, because I think arranging things on shelves is one of life's greatest pleasures.

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