We love: Japanese stationery

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Two fabulous bits of stationery picked up this week in Tokyo, where half of TWR was with the day job. No one does stationery like the Japanese, and whenever we are lucky enough to go there we stock up like mad on note books, pencils and accessories like the ones here. The Christmas paper clips are by a company called Midori and cost 600 yen (about £4.50), the way the little green star sticks over the top of the page is magic.

The pencil holders below are a work of simple genius which you can probably get here, but I have never seen them before. Being a notebook carrying journalist the idea of being able to secure my pencil to my book (and carry a spare) is very exciting, but I should probably get out more. I got these from Itoya, a well known Japanese stationery chain and they cost 840 yen each (about £6.00). The shop in the Ginza area is seven floors of pencil/notebook/paper heaven and is nestled between Tiffany and Bulgari, which goes to show how serious the Japanese are about all things paper orientated.

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