See this: Infinite Variety

Infinate Variety
Surely not, an exhibition celebrating the beauty of older women – why would you? Images of real women with wrinkles and grey hair – don’t be ridiculous!

Yes, believe it or not in these days of photoshopped youthful perfection it is actually true and we will be rushing to the National Theatre on the 1st of July, to see it with our own eyes.

Infinite Variety is curated by actress Harriet Walker and will feature images of ordinary and famous women aged 28 to 95. The exhibition celebrate ‘the gains in depth, personality and individuality that are traded for the superficial sheen of youth and encourages us to learn to love, grey, silver and delicately etched lines’.

Walker thinks aging is something “we are all in together” and that she isn’t trying to pretend wrinkles and grey hair are as sexy as youthful looks, but to break down disgust about older women. “I think it is still important to broaden the range of what is beautiful,” she says. “What I am trying to put into the show is an inner light in these women, something about how they’ve lived their life. I want older women to feel happier in their skin and younger ones not to worry that the only fate ahead is the surgeon’s knife.”

We couldn’t agree more Harriet.

Infinite Variety,
1st July – 15th August

The National Theatre
Oliver Theatre
South Bank Centre,
London SE1 9PX

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