Tea: we knew it was good for us


We've only just picked up on this bit of research on tea (via Country Living's October issue, we take our scientific research seriously here at TWR), which states that lots of cups of tea a day are not only good for you, but can actually protect you from a heart attack. 

You know what? we KNEW tea was good for us, anyone who has ever reached for the teapot in times of trouble knows what a soothing balm a cup of tea can be. Disastrous love affairs, career disappointments, rubbish days and miserable weather are all improved with a nice cuppa. The addition of biscuits can lift things to a positive high. 

So good to have it official. Not only did the research, reported in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition back in April, discover the benefits to the heart (no mention of mending a broken one, but we know better….), but the flavonoids in tea can also protect against some cancers, tooth decay and can strengthen bones. 

Add to that, proof (from the same research) that tea rehydrates as well or even better than plain water and it's clear we should be ditching the Evian for Tetleys.

Now the cynic in me notes that the research was funded by….The Tea Council. Hmmm, I guess it would be them, who else is interested? But we are giving them the benefit of the doubt here and will assume that they have our best interests at heart (no pun intended) but mostly we like it because it supports our feeling that lots of tea is a good thing.

While researching this little post, I came across the website for the Tea Council, which is a gem of site for tea addicts, listing very comprehensively all the good things about tea with proper facts and figures. Make yourself a cuppa and give it a read.

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