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The run up to Christmas is in full swing here at Middleaged Towers. The teens are lying in bed till noon, lounging on the sofa watching terrible tv most of the day and occasionally demanding food. They are usually ready to hold a normal conversation right around the time when I have had my first glass of red, and they are raring to go just as M.A.D and I are retiring to bed. Thank God for attic bedrooms, I imagine a scene from Skins/National Lampoon goes wild in N16, takes place in our kitchen some nights, but as long as they don't wake me up, they can 'party on down' as much as they like.

I have had a reasonably quiet run to Christmas and M.A.D and I have decided that its something to do with our age. It's not that we don't still like to party, it's just that we more comfortable partying with people our own age. Generally we are, if not the oldest, one of the oldest, at any kind of work party (the creative industries are full of young people) and much as we love the energy and enthusiasm of the young people we work with, there comes a point in the evening when you've got to leave to the young ones.

Those who know me in real life, will be gasping in disbelief, as I have always been known as a, first to arrive/last to leave/dancing on the table kind of a girl. But oh yes, dear friends, this party season, I have actually not had one for the road and staggered home in the wee small hours, but have sensibly thought, maybe I should hop in a cab and go home, cos after all I've got to walk the dog/do some work/make some mince pies etc etc,in the morning!
Plus, there is really nothing sadder than a tipsy fortysomething woman/man trying to dance to Rhianna with a bunch of twentysomethings in deepest Soho at 3am. I mean I'm old enough to be their mother and who wants to party with their mum – no offence mum!

So my highlights this festive season have been of a more age appropriate, gentle nature. There's been the park dog Christmas party (who knew such things existed?), late night Christmas shopping on Columbia Road followed by mulled wine, a few grown up drinks parties and the London Gay Men's Christmas Singalong. Dogs, shopping and gay men, that just about sums up my life!

But the best bit is, I have been springing out of bed in the morning, ready to face the day and as I have 10 people staying over Christmas, its probably just as well.

Maybe this party animal has finally changed her spots (althought polka dots are very S/S 2011), or maybe I just don't want to be seen as the oldest swinger in town. Mind you, there is always New Years Eve, when I will be the youngest there!!! Now where are my gold sequin hot pants?

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