We’re Back….

The Women’s Room launched in a crazy week in 2008 when we entered a period of uncertaintity, considered by many economists to have been the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression. But enough of the good old days!

Here we are again, returning in what can only be described as the strangest and scariest of times. Like living in an episode of Black Mirror meets Survivors (a BBC post-apocalyptic drama that broadcast from 1975 to 1977) if you are in Europe or the US you will almost certainly be in lock down and only allowed to go out for exercise or shopping.

At the end of the first week – although it feels like a month – maybe it’s time reflect on how we feel and what it means, in terms of our mental and physical health.

Worrying about health, families, food, jobs, money, loneliness and how quarantine will effect our relationships – the list is endless – and feeling like we have no control is overwhelming. But perhaps it’s time to adopt what my daughter would describe as ‘boomer behaviour’, and make the most of what we do have, rather than focussing on what we don’t.

There is much talk of this being a time for humanity to reset its values and consider the environment. Trend forecaster Li Edelkoort thinks that the virus will cause a “quarantine of consumption” and have a profound cultural and economic impact.

Will we get used to living with fewer possessions and travelling less, as the virus disrupts global supply chains and transport networks? Will staying at home mean we will slow down, reconnect with our families and find pleasure in simple pursuits? Or will we become disconnected, wary of strangers and afraid of other cultures?

During the first week of isolation it seems many of us have never been busier, Face-timing friends and family, having work meetings on Zoom, Friday night drinks on Houseparty and taking up old fashioned crafts likes its the 70s.

In our house we’ve been doing a jigsaw, making cakes, clearing out cupboards (well I say we that was actually me!) and making sure dinner is a special occasion.

Maybe week one been a novelty and our anxieties will become more intense the longer this goes on – or maybe we will settle into a calmer, slower pace of life. Personally, I veer between being calm and resolute and overwhelming feelings of panic.

With this in mind, Amanda and I thought it was a good time to resurrect the Women’s Room community – as we’ve missed you and one of the things we are learning about lockdown – is it’s good to talk.

So here are my current coping strategies – which I’m sure will change as the weeks go on…..

Putting my shoes on – it makes me feel me I have somewhere to go. My dad said this when he retired and he still does it 25 years later.

Meditation – a friend is sending a group of us a WhatsApp message with a daily meditation – its called 21 days of Abundance with Deepak Chopra and you can find it on YouTube.

Yoga – I didn’t manage to actually to do this last week as I couldn’t focus, but this week I’m planning to start 30 days of Yoga with Adriene.

Easy watching – again I don’t seem to have the ability to concentrate on much but I have been binge watching Last Tango in Halifax (as it’s comforting and reminds me of my family in Yorkshire) and The Tiger King (which is INSANE!!)

Listening – my amazing team have been keeping each others spirits up and have created the USP Lockdown Listen playlist on Spotify.

Reading – nothing, I have a huge pile of books by my bed, but I cant concentrate – as talking seems more important right now – but I’m sure I’ll get to them and will share the best of them when I do.



  • Julia Little says:

    SO thrilled to have TWR back, I feel grounded again! JX

  • Barbara Florek says:

    Couldn’t be happier that you’re back

  • Karen Lazell says:

    Welcome back! Yoga, Headspace and reading for me, with the odd cupboard clearout. Good days and bad days for all I think, but whatever gets you through.

  • Sarah C says:

    H.A.P.P.Y. Welcome back.

  • Jo says:

    So happy! Keeping me sane = walking for an hour at 7am each day. Cooking lovely dinners. Keeping to a weekday routine. Podcasts – Business of Fashion, Table Manners, The Financial Diet among others. Finding it difficult to read but have started Marian Keyes new book. Have also just ordered the final series of Will & Grace. Small joys!

  • Sue Evans says:

    Welcome Back ladies. We’ve missed you ! I’d love to say the lockdown has got my creative juices flowing but most days I am in a state of inertia, pottering and tottering round the house without achieving very much. The highlight of most days last week was a cup of tea out in the garden and the unexpected delight of rediscovering ginger nut biscuits. I am spending way too much time on Facebook checking out how friends are coping and distracting my daughter (who is busy fending the fashion frontline WFH in London) with trivial emails. Maybe this is what life is really like in the slow lane ………. I actually quite like it !

  • Catherine Bagley says:

    Soo happy you are back. I’ve really missed your blog. Thank you!

  • My heart sings now that I can stay home and exist in the slower pace I have craved for so long, and it is heavy thinking of those less fortunate. My response to these times is to create, create, create.
    I’ve been drawing, crocheting, writing poetry, and even joined an online group of artists around the globe.

  • Lisa Cook says:

    I am so late to the party , only realised this morning that TWR is back, you were my mainstay for so long, I have a lot of catching up reading to do today – marvellous!

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  • Sam William says:

    welcome back, Soo happy you are back.

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