Singing and Shopping (traffic free!) in Oxford Street

This weekend, Oxford Street, the Bond Streets (Old and New) and Regent Street are traffic free…something you might appreciate if you are a London shopper or a visitor for the day. As part of our sponsored post from Monday, when we talked to Camila Batmanghelidjh, we said we’d just remind you all about the American Express Shop West End VIP Weekend, Remember to use your American Express cards if you have them when buying as Camila’s charity Kids Company get £1 for every purchase made on your card.

As part of the weekend festivities, there will be a Carol-a-thon, Christmas carols, sung by Carols ( and you if you fancy it) again all raising money for Kids Company. Above is a small selection of Carols warming up in the House of Fraser Oxford Street window this week. Deck The Boughs everybody, it’s definitely Christmas.

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