Racinne skincare from Korea


The Koreans are good at skincare, not least because their government is busy investing in supporting the country’s skin scientists so they become world leaders -particularly in plant stem cell technology. Can you imagine suggesting that to our current government?

Racinne is a new brand from Korea that taps into the science-y innovation trend by using plant stem cell extractions at a high level of concentration. It does it at a good price too, from £15 to £35, when I chatted to the team from Racinne they insisted the brand aims to provide a great product that is truly functional but not overpriced. They talked about it as a bit of a revolution in skin care, but then everyone in the beauty industry says that.

I’ve been trialling some of the products for a month (and WHAT a cold, skin-drying month) and they seem perfectly good, my skin has been kept nicely moist throughout the hideous cold we’ve been getting and it seem’s to perform as well as the more expensive ones we’ve tried. And at least they don’t use the words Anti-Ageing in the titles, altho Ultimate Youth gets a bit close.

I have liked the really thick and creamy Ultimate Hydra Perfection Ultimate Defense Illuminating Cream, costing £25, which is aimed at dry skin. Not easy to say but simple to use and very comforting in the chill.

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