YSL Beauty’s Touche Eclat in its new leopard print wrapping

ysl beauty 03

So, last week we learned how to apply YSL beauty’s Touche Eclat properly. What a difference a good teacher makes! In the pictures is Lloyd Simmonds, who is chief global honcho at YSL for all things make up and put us right on how to make the stuff work like a magic wand.

Touche Eclat has been around since 1992 and has won many ‘best beauty product’ awards. It is fantastic at making your dark shadows going away, but there are some tips to making it work well…

Firstly, put a couple of big blobs on the back of your hand.

Secondly, use the wand’s brush to paint on swipes of the concealer BELOW any bags/puffy bits on your skin, painting ON the puffy bits just highlights them and what you are aiming to do is conceal. You can just about see in the big picture that Lloyd has gone a long way below the model’s eyes -right to the base of her eye muscle, with his line of concealer.

Thirdly, with a new brush (you’ll need a soft bristle one here) TAP the line of concealer into the skin -don’t brush it as this spreads it around. Tapping is what it’s all about…If you have no brush then use your finger and PRESS gently to push the concealer into the skin.

ysl beauty 05

Lloyd also swiped and tapped a line of concealer around the model’s lips, which makes your lipstick look fuller and more pouty.

If you need motivation to try out Touche Eclat, the deliciously glamourous leopard packaging on the Wild Collector edition should do it. Out March 1st. Buy here.

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