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If you are thinking about swapping your bedlinen to lighter summer-weight numbers, only to find those sheets and duvets looking less fabulous than you remember them,  it might be time for some new purchases (particularly because of our special offer, see below….), or at the very least a rethink about how you look after your bedlinen. I’ve been really thrilled with my Secret Linen Store bedlinen, so I asked co founder Molly for some tips on looking after my purchases.

Molly, is it time for ‘out with the old and in with some new’ for summer bedlinen?
“It’s not something we should be shouting about, but sometimes the oldest piece of bed linen in your linen cupboard is your favourite. It’s been through good and bad times with you, and if it’s cotton and good quality, it will get better and softer with time. However, we all know that colour does not hold fast forever and whites will get tired after years of washing…..

I had a real attachment to a Mary Quant duvet cover, it was our parents as I was growing up and subsequently mine at university. I loved it, the feel, the pattern and the nostalgia. It was black and red !! I’ve kept it although I know it will never make it to the bedroom again. Perhaps this is where our love for bed linen was kindled? If you have a favourite piece of bed linen that’s thread bare and grey with age, don’t throw it all away. Keep 2 pillowcases and add it to a set that works with it. Mix it with some stripes or maybe some flowers. We love to  encourage mix and match with coordinating ranges of different patterns.

Our top tip is to keep sets stored together. Use a pillowcase from the set to house a complete set, keep it pressed and ready to dress the bed, and enjoy it. Rummaging through a cupboard full of of an old mixture of bits and bobs is not going to make you feel good. Changing the bed should be a treat, and getting into a freshly made bed a part of the week to look forward to.

Sort through your linen cupboard. Keep the bedding that fits well and is comfortable and build on that. Fitted sheets that fit properly will make making your bed much easier too.

Nor everyone uses a flat sheet under their duvet set but by doing this you can mix up the print and colour to create a more interesting look and the duvet cover itself will need washing less, and last much longer. Likewise if you have a favorite sheet and pillowcase set, think of adding a coordinating duvet cover to make it feel a bit newer.

New sheets and pillowcases will make your bed and you feel great. Freshly cleaned and ironed bedding is a Friday ritual in our house, start the weekend with a smile.

As I’m writing this, I am away from home. I’m longing for my own bed and thinking about dressing it when I get home.

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