Weekend Woman: Caryn Franklin


Caryn Franklin for fashionrevolution.org (image Trevor Leighton)

Oh how we love Caryn Franklin (b 1959), MBE, co-founder of All Walks Beyond The Catwalk, general fashion guru and talker of much sense when it comes to embracing what grown up women want out of fashion and beauty. We’ve watched her morph from Jeff Banks enthusiastic co-presenter on The Clothes Show into a gorgeous, articulate rebel rouser against some of the sizest, racist, sexist and ageist elements of the fashion industry. She is a great  Weekend Woman example of someone who is definitely not fading away as she gets older and we have desperate hair envy over her beautiful silver locks.

You can see and hear Caryn doing her stuff on the marvellous new Beauty: The New ‘Age‘ film by The Future Laboratory, a must-watch video on what the beauty industry is doing wrong in terms of appealing to us grown up women.

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