Weekend Woman: Elaine Stritch

Bold, brash, funny and probably a little bit scary Elaine Strictch the Broadway legend who died last week aged 89, was the kind of woman I hope to have staying in my alternative old peoples home.

Often seen by my best friends at her chiropodists in New York, she lived for many years at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan and lived life to full right to the end.

Stritch’s career began in the 1940s and spanned almost 70 years. She appeared in movies such as Woody Allen’s, September and Small Time Crooks, and on also on tv – well into her 80 s – she had a ongoing role on the NBC comedy 30 Rock.

She was the subject of a documentary, Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me, in 2013, which features lots of tributes from her famous friends. Tina Fey, who worked alongside Stritch on 30 Rock, said “She is confident and brassy and stylish and gorgeous [and] she doesn’t wear pants.”

RIP Ms Stritch as she insisted on being called.

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