Weekend Woman: Anne Reid


Image of Anne Reid via The Independant

I was wondering who to put up as this week’s Weekend Woman right up until yesterday, then I heard actor Anne Reid (b 1935) on Desert Island Discs and sorta fell in love with her over the airwaves. She says many fabulously wise things….including how she coped with being in bed with Daniel Craig, in The Mother, what going back to work at 40+ was like, having taken time off to nurse her sick husband and mother and how in her head, she still feels ‘about 45’.

And who doesn’t love Last Tango In Halifax?

Listen again here, i’m sure you’ll love her too.

Another brilliant older woman still doing amazing work.



  • sarah says:

    I am not keen on D I discs but happened to turn it on. Anne Reid was GREAT, wise, funny and clever. I also loved loved her thowing in the odd ‘darling’, and admitting she was a difficult woman. Fabulous.
    Re runs of ‘Dinner Ladies’ please.

  • Amanda says:

    Oh don’t get us started on Dinner ladies, one of my favourite programmes EVER and hugely underrated in its human message. it’s like a sooting balm for life that programme. A

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