Weekend Woman: Rose Wylie

Image from thetelegraph.com

Image from thetelegraph.com

This weekend’s woman of substance who is definitely not fading away, is the artist Rose Wylie, who has just won the prestigious John Moores Painting prize.

Rose is 80.

She trained originally as an artist but gave up to have a family, only returning to it in her mid 40s. It’s only very recently that Rose’s work has started to receive recognition, in 2010 at the age of 76, she was selected to represent the UK in the Women To Watch exhibition, highlighting up-and-coming artists. Rather uplifting to think you can still be up-and-coming at such a grown up age. Well done Rose. You can see more of Rose’s work here.

Just as an aside, Middleagedad pointed out to me that the John Moores Painting Prize doesn’t have an upper age limit to enter, unlike the Turner, which doesn’t allow anyone over 50 to apply. Is that ageist, do you think?

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