Weekend Woman: Maxine Peake

maxine peake

image via guardian.com

Maxine Peake is the sort of woman I’m very slightly scared of; she looks so intent, so fiercely intelligent and seems so brilliant at what she does I know I’d be terrified of her if I ever got to meet her. She’s a fighter for social justice and fairness and ‘uncompromising’ is the word I think best sums her up. Because of that I find her incredibly inspiring, she makes me want to do better.

She’s stolen the show in nearly everything I’ve ever seen her in (who doesn’t love her as Twinkle in Victoria Wood’s Dinnerladies?) and now she’s rocking the audiences at the Manchester Royal Exchange (directed by another inspiring woman, Sarah Frankcom) in her version of Hamlet. She gets better in everything she does. I missed Beryl, the radio play that she both wrote and took the lead role in about the successful Leeds cyclist Beryl Burton, which, fingers crossed, the BBC will put on again soon. A very worthy Weekend Woman.



  • steffi says:

    I adore her and have quietly admired her over the last few years – as you say she seems to always steal the show. I came across her first in Silk in which she brilliantly stars opposite Rupert Penry-Jones and Neil Stuke. She absolutely gets better and better. Brilliant choice for Weekend Woman!

  • Amanda says:

    Thanks Steffi! Glad you approve. Ax

  • Andrea says:

    I’m off to see her in Hamlet on the 15th – can’t wait…

  • Suji says:

    I was lucky enough to meet here once and I have to say she was absolutely lovely – not scary at all !

  • Amanda says:

    Andrea you lucky person and Suji, glad to hear she’s nice in real life, wish I was going to Hamlet Ax

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