Smizing, from Simon Doonan

Love this for a cold and grim Tuesday morning, forget those expensive eye creams and ice packs (and I’m not even going to mention hideous surgery), smizing is the new instant under eye bag removal concept, from visual merchandising guru new beauty wizard Simon Doonan.

I found this in Into The Gloss yesterday – how to instantly (and for free) remove your bags. More witty fabulousness from Simon on Slate too, if you need an emotional uplift.


  • Belinda says:

    Isn’t he fabulous?

  • Karen Inglis says:

    Amanda – if your site works on the same basis as WordPress you should be able to embed the video by simply pasting in the youtube URL onto the page at the back end. It looks only like a link when you do it but the video does embed once you publish the page. That said if this isn’t a WordPress site it may not work… Great tip though – I’ll have to get practising :-) Karen

  • Mary says:

    I love him. How is it you feature so many of my favs? He did a fabulous podcast on The Moth last month.

  • amanda says:

    Karen, It’s not on youtube, it’s a facebook video, hence the complexity. Mary, off to The Moth right now to watch Simon, he is my VM hero….mine and about a million others Ax

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