Goodordering Glasses

Remember we told you about Goodordering, an East London company run by our mate Jacqui Ma who has been making multi-functional cycling bags and celebrating urban cycling lifestyles, for the past five years. As part of that journey, they are now embracing another important and functional accessory used by cyclists and non-cyclists alike – eyewear.

Their new range of glasses feature unique 3 in 1 functionality meaning that you can have your optical prescription in the base frame layer and then build up from there. Tinted lenses attach via tiny magnets with a satisfying click, turning your opticals into sunglasses without the need for clip-ons or multiple pairs – Which if like me you are short sighted, solves that annoying problem of driving/cycling in the sun and being able to see. The third layer takes the edge off the glare from screens and devices.

Take a look at the above video to see exactly how they work. I’ve seen them IRL and they look super stylish and are lightweight but substantial. Jacqui recently launched a Kickstarter campaign and if you pledge £75 you will be able select a pair of glasses from the range. – which is effectively three pairs for the cost of one. Whats not to like?



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