What do you call older?

Buildingblocks by rob ryan

It’s a tricky thing, talking about age. Every woman we know who’s over 40 still thinks she’s (at most) 24. Quite rightly, who wants to be tagged with the ‘older’ label? Not us.


We’re all about changing the idea that our age group has some how ‘finished’ with fashion and style, and keeping quiet about society’s pre conditioned ideas on age is just not on our agenda, we’re noisy here at the Women’s Room.


But in order to make a lot of noise, we have to say what we are, and if we’re writing about this we need to use the proper words. And here’s the crunch, if women don’t like to be called older, how do we refer to ourselves? We need your help, tell us what you think. Here’s a few ideas…



Vintage Chicks

Over 40


Middle Aged (please no!)


Grown Up


Rainbow Youth (California Only)

Ageing babes




The New Mature

Biddy Chic

Women of a Certain Age

Yummy Mummy (Ugh)


Comments please!


(By the way, the alphabet word picture is by the wonderful illustrative artist Rob Ryan, check out his website for his wonderful cut out pictures and way with just a few words, it will brighten your day.)

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