Simple Pleasures: A nice cup of tea and a sit down


'Three hundred small pleasures make people happier than one magnificent one.' Daniel Gilbert professor of psychology Harvard University.

In these credit crunchy times and as we get a bit older (no-ones come up with a suggestion yet, so older it is, for now) we find its increasingly important to find pleasure in the small things and embrace fleeting moments of happiness.Over the months we will share what makes us happy, big and small, and hope you will too.                    

This week, the victory of Barack Obama was a very big pleasure and has filled us with a sense of hope and optimisim.              

A nice cup of tea and a sit down is a small pleasure we try to indulge in every day. Five minutes to ourselves to reflect and relax. Preferably around 4 oclock, the tea in a teapot with tea cosy and a bone china cup, but we're not fussy. The important thing is the tea and the time to think.   

Go on give it a go, and if you really enjoy it, log on to A nice cup of tea and a sit down for advice on the perfect biscuit to enjoy with it.

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