The perfect pearls

  Chanel the one


Coco Chanel loved them and recommended seven strands, real or costume. Ours are definitely going to have to be fake, but since there are some beautifully made high street  alternatives around, that’s ok. Pearls are ageless, in fact, a bit like perfume, the bigger ‘statement ‘ pearls are often worn more convincingly by older women. The trick is to keep the look modern.

As part of the Women’s Room’s day job, we get to know what’s going to be in the stores next season and for next summer jewellery is going to be big news. Freedom Jewellery is the company that organises the designs for most of the big high street names and as they talked us through the new summer ranges it was clear pearls (amongst other fabulous stories) were back in fashion.


Pearls are fabulous for us to wear, they cast an iridescent glow on the skin (under the right light) and are innately glamorous, particularly when you take Ms Chanel’s advice and layer them up. Single strands are fine too, but watch the ‘mumsy’ element, if we had to give one piece of advice it would be ‘be bold’.


Topshop have a great selection currently, which have a vaguely vintage feel to them, we spotted our perfect pearls in the Westfield store (yes we know we've been there a lot) they were £35.


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