New Brands To Bookmark : Kitri Studio

I was at a press day last week  – Aisle8 if you’re interested – where everyone looked amazing. This sometimes happens at press days where everyone has dressed up to the nines, although often the press teams all look like they’re going to kick off their heels and swap into something comfortable at the first possible opportunity. But these women all looked very at ease in their clothes, which turned out to be from Kitri Studios.

If, like me, you’d never heard of this newish, direct-to-consumer brand then I’d suggest you take a look. It has a fresh, colourful, contemporary vibe to it and it seems to excel at dresses and jumpsuits. Being a mostly web-only brand, it cuts out the middle man to keep the prices keen, above Zara and Arket but less than ‘designer’. There have been a couple of vibrantly hued pop up stores apparently – which I’m sad I missed (they were during the year of Buy Nothing).

The above suit looked fantastic worn with a matching blue shirt for a artful take on colour blocking. The fabric is a wool blend which drapes well and looked very comfortable, the Tilly jacket is £165, the Serena trousers £125 and the Kendra shirt £85. I was very taken with the crimson satin shirt, top image, at £105 and there are many lovely alternatives on the shirt front.

The dresses, according to the brand founder Haeni Kim, are best sellers, particularly the wrap ones and a green floral one went viral this summer when an influencer (The Fashion Guitar) wore it to New York Fashion Week. The red Gabriella dress above is similar at £145, which seems well priced for the quality and make. My favourite was the Eloise satin dress below at £145.

The occasion wear selection of party dresses and pyjama suits looks like it might be a great place to go for any upcoming festive holiday needs, sleek modern styles with lots of room for large lunches and dancing. But they also look like they’d double up as work dresses too, and the floral Joelle quilted jacket looked like the perfect night-time outfit updater too. Bookmark the brand womenfolk, available at Harvey Nichols and more on the Kitri website


  • LK says:

    Sigh. i wish that women’s fashion right now (with the exception of the Big Jacket) is so “girly” with the ruffles and flounces. As a grown woman, I just want something that doesn’t trivialize who I am. This may inflame many, but there it it.

  • michele A. wheldon says:

    LK. I agree with you. The old Celine got it right.

  • Liz says:

    I’m with LK too. Love the big buttons. The rest looks way too 1970s revival and I’ve been there, done that first time round. To be honest, and I don’t mean it unkindly, the three dresses here look very much like what turns up on the vintage rail in my local charity shop. The models wearing them are beautiful so the dresses look fab but I don’t think they’d stand the test of Ms Average on a wet Wednesday afternoon.

  • Amanda says:

    LK, agree with you on the flounces, but that nice red silk shirt… A

  • Amanda says:

    Michele, we all miss the old Celine…hopefully someone will come up with something new to replace. A

  • Amanda says:

    Hear you Liz, although charity shop finds (and I am an expert CS shopper) are often in the wrong (ahem, too small in my case) size. And the inspiration for the dresses here undoubtable STARTED as vintage dresses probably found in a charity shop or vintage fair….! A

  • Peter says:

    Black & Red beautyfull combinashion ….

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