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I pod 2

In addition to the tribal feelings evoked amongst mothers (see previous posting), there was always a disguised feeling of smugness from mothers of girls. Boys are noisy, fidgety, never do as they are told and always look grubby, at least mine always did. Girls eat salad from 6 months, sit quietly ‘colouring in’ and like course work. I always felt I was at a slight disadvantage having three of the male variety, despite my adoring them.


However, time has moved on and I now have three teenage sons who are eating vegetables and dressing smartly and are handling the education system with aplomb. In addition they are gadget freaks and internet experts which is a total joy, as it means I have someone to switch on the techie stuff, including the TV (which requires two remotes).


So when I got my new iPhone I looked bleakly at the packaging and then looked pathetically at the teenage sons. “Help me” I said. “Yep, but it’ll cost ya” said the Dragon’s-Den-watching entrepreneurs, barely looking up from their multi screened desks. So for an undisclosed amount, middle son swiftly loaded up the phone and had it working in a nano-second. He then gave me a lesson in how to use it, demonstrated the impressive bits and made me phone his blackberry to ensure I’d taken it all in.


I am almost speechless at his competence and natural flair with a gadget that is completely new to him. My friends with girls are in awe and are quietly thinking about how much to offer him to come around and fix their internet/Itunes/wireless networking problems.


Youngest son asked if I’d downloaded any apps (what?) “well” he said thoughtfully, “you might like a couple of games to play on the way home from work, on the tube, they’re all free” So he downloads 36, so many that I need a new folder to house them all in. I try to play Anaconda and have no idea what to do, with a resigned sigh, youngest son explains how to tap the screen but he and I both know we’re going nowhere with it.


Then he brightens up, “Mum, there are recipe apps too” and proceeds to download Bigoven, “that way you can read what to cook us for tea on the way home”. I know my place but I am proud, what good is 'colouring in' now?

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