Middleagedmum.com: Is it me or is it hot in here?


Its -4 outside and I’m having a personal Summer. I am driving the office mad by opening windows, my husband is sick of sleeping in a room that feels like the Ice Hotel and I look like I should be begging outside Camden tube with a bottle of Diamond White. Ruddy is really not this seasons colour. 

I’m not actually having hot flushes, I’m just hot all the time. But I am from the North, so its in my blood, and to be honest I’ve been too hot since the day I first gave birth 14 years ago. Yet again I ask myself, is it me or is it the menopause?

I now have about five minutes a month when I am not a over heated, grumpy, over sensitive, fly off the handle at nothing, insomniac, over eating, anorexic (actually that never happens) binge drinking, nightmare from Hell. My helpful husband often warns the children.’Mum’s not feeling well, don’t put your fingers in the cage.’

Have I always been a secret old bag and I’ve just waited till now to show my true colours, or I am I ‘On the change’. Who do I talk to, my friends are all at varying stages of peri, pre, in the thick of it, or out the other side, Pause. But none of us can tell if we have real symptoms or we are simply turning into Fanny Craddock (poor old Johnny, I did feel for him)

My Doctor is no help despite being female and the same age. ‘Well there is no actual way of telling if that’s whats wrong’ (although apparantly there is now. See our earlier post ) Have you tried Evening Primrose Oil? If I had a pound for every time a doctor has suggested that to me, I could buy Holland and Barrett and turn it into a shop that people actually want to go into!

Talking to older women helps as they assure me that everything is fine once you are out the other side. They sleep well, have more energy, have a renewed enthusiasm for life. I cant wait, and nor can my local council. I find in moments of extreme rage, it’s a good idea to ring them and rant about recycling/ rubbish collection/street lights/ abandoned cars etc etc. There always someone on the other end of the phone willing to listen, but I have been told they have my number on a ‘Don’t answer the phone to this woman’ list. Its titled ‘Mrs Angry, aged 47 !

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