Style Icon (not): Barbie at 50

Barbie comp 


We’re not quite sure what the opposite of style icon would be, but Barbie is definitely it. Astonishingly, the plastic princess has reached the age of 50 without a wrinkle or fat roll and has taken, according to the maker Mattel, $3 billion since her conception.

Despite years of feminism, a fast growing obesity problem and people like us ranting on, she’s still the weird shaped, cookie cutter blonde she always was.

Even odder, to celebrate her birthday, the UK based mannequin company Roostein has been asked by Mattel to come up with a life sized mannequin of Babs to show her new women’s fashion range, to be launched later this year.

So now you know what she’d look like if she was real. And can’t you just wait for the fashion range to come out?

Words fail us at how inappropriate/unsuitable a role model/outdated view on women/bonkers Barbie is (yes of course we had one when we were little but now we know better) but we’re hoping they wont fail you. What do you think, Barbie: princess or past it?

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