We love: Older women leading the Brazil carnival


Luma de Oliveira

Youth is almost a religion in Brazil, so it is truly a paradigm shift in attitude when the hotly contended position of carnival queen goes to not one but two women in their mid forties this year. (Sharp intake of breath from Brazilian media, who gossip on the selections for weeks beforehand).


The carnival, which begins in February, has 12 samba schools, each of which will position a ‘queen’ at the front of their drummers and dancers to lead them into merriment. It’s always the most gorgeous girl in the school who’s chosen, often it’s a celebrity or soap star, so to have two women in their forties chosen by the most famous samba schools in the parade, has caused a right old stir.


According to a report in The Times this week, Brazil’s elder stateswoman of fashion is Joyce Pascowitz, who said “It’s interesting that women over 40 are serving as examples of beauty”. About time, we say, perhaps they’ve been reading The Women’s Room in Brazil?


The chosen ladies are Luiza Brunet 46 and Luma de Oliveira, 44 who are both veteran carnival performers and as you can see from their pictures seem in excellent shape. Although we don’t envy them the job, look at the size of those headdresses and dancing, in very high heels, can go on for days.

Read the full report in  The Times

 Carnival_464786a  Luiza Brunet

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