We love: WoWoWoW


Eleanor Roosevelt (left) 

It’s a big week for Americans. The promise of change and a new President in Barack Obama and the chance that we might also have a really interesting and stylish first lady in Michelle is cheery news


For an intelligent insight on the whole event from smart American women, we suggest you visit the Women On The Web website, or WoWoWow as they call themselves. Set up last year by classy 40plus dames such as Whoopi Goldberg, Candice Bergen, Joan Juliet Buck and Lily Tomlin, WoWoWow is a forum for discussion and writing on women’s issues.


Apart from the alarmingly clone like pictures of the women, we love this site for its female point of view, varied discussion matter and the fact that you can actually get a real insight into American women’s lives and feelings (some are a little crazy sounding, but we’re all for variety).


You can join in discussions on who the most stylish first lady ever (Eleanor Roosevelt according to most people), if Caroline Kennedy deserves to become the New York senator, or just read the gossipy Sex Goddess posts for laugh.



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