We love: Italian style


We’ve mentioned The Sartorialist before on The Women’s Room, a wonderful, high quality pictoral blog that is heavily used by fashion insiders for inspiration. This week the blog’s author Scott Schuman, has been photographing in Italy Florence and Milan to be precise and oh! how style and chic-ness seems to ooze out of the very pores of Italians. (Middleagedad could take a few hints)


Skipping through the blog this lunch time, we were impressed with the amount of stylish older people that had been shot looking effortlessly gorgeous this week. What is that certain something Italians have that make them look so very cool? It’s a style that, although conservative, still looks very modern and, dare we say it, is a notch above the French in terms of fabulousness (although of course we do claim the right to contradict ourselves here when The Sartorialist visits Paris). It could only be Italy, couldn’t it?

Scott is turning the blog into a book  this year, The Sartorialist will be published by Penguin in September 2009. Meanwhile we’re practising Italian chic for the rest of the week.

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