No make up: would you dare?

 Judy finnegan

Personally I don't give two hoots about going out of the house without a scrap of make up. Ok I don't look great and prefer at least a dash of red lipstick and some eyebrows, if Im completely honest, but I often make a point of it, simply to prove to myself that I can. Call me a feminist, but men do it every day. Why should we feel compelled to spend hours in front of the mirror and thousands of pounds a year on beauty products we don't actually need. I refuse to feel under pressure to look a certain way because the beauty industry and media subtley or not so subtley (depending on what you read) tell me I should. Yet I know lots of my well respected, intelligent (feminist) friends would rather die than leave the house without their make up.

The beauty industry thrive on our insecurities and the media back them up with undercover photographs of rough looking celebrities. Ok maybe its slightly different for them. They are in the public eye and its part of their job to look good. But is it really, don't they just make our lives even harder by raising the game and giving us unrealistic expectations about whats achievable? When we have older women in the public eye looking at least 10 years younger than they actually are (yes that's you again Madge!!) it certainly makes it harder for us not so twenty something women.

Why can't a celebrity decide to go for a casual lunch with her husband without feeling the need to dress up like she's attending an awards ceremony. Judy Finnegan did just that last week and boy did the Daily Mail love it. In true DM form they didn't actually criticize her (oh no they are much more subtle than that, that's what makes them so dangerous!) The feature titled 'Richard and Moody' said  'Sporting a downcast expression and windswept hair, the 60-year-old TV star looked decidedly sullen as she left a restaurant in north London.' What they really meant was 'Judy dared to leave the house looking rough, dowdy and old and badly needed her hair done'. Lets face it, the press have never really liked Judy. She has a younger husband and successful career and refuses to loose weight or resort to cosmetic surgery to look younger. Good on you Judy, we love you for it and we love the fact you went out without a scrap of make up, if more women in the public eye did it, the press would soon get bored of picking on us women.

But the question is, would you dare to go out without make up? Go on try it today, go and get the Sunday paper au naturale !!

The Daily Mail

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