Alternative Christmas Gift Guide: Indytute and Hackney Hampers

IndytuteIf like me, you have have particularly fussy, creative types to buy for at Christmas, you might want to check out The Indytute. Featuring brilliantly inspired lessons and workshops in everything from blues guitar, divine tassel making, swing dance, to ballooniversity, there really is something for everyone.

I like the sound of extreme garnishing (you have never have too much decoration) and the hoopermarket, with the rather fabulous Marawa, who’s hula hopping, while slicing fruit with sharp knives, is a sight to behold.

The prices are very reasonable and the classes would also be great fun with a group of friends for a special occasion.
Indytute 1I also love the idea of a hamper filled with lots of local goodies. Living in an area with so many small producers, The Hackney Hamper is a little taste of the entrepreneurial spirit and diverse communities that makes the borough so interesting.

Featuring Dalston Cola, Five Points Pale Ale, The Roasting Shed Coffee, Tiger Tail Bengali Tomato Chutney, Gregor’s Umami Dressing and Happy Kitchen Orange Chocolate Brownies, among others, the hampers range from £35 to £80 and come in a bespoke re-cycled case, which can be sent anywhere in the country.

Hackeny Hampers

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