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Is it just us, or are there some female journalists and writers that you somehow feel you know. Especially if they write regular newspaper columns and you connect with them on a weekly or a daily basis. We feel we know more about Liz Jones from the Mail on Sunday than we feel comfortable with. Suzanne Moore would probably be great for a drunken night out, we would invite Shane Watson to a dinner party and definately love to go shopping with Jess Cartner Morely.

We think if we met Justine Picardie we might really like her and have a lot in common. We enjoy her regular columns in Vogue and the Sunday Telegraph and thought her book A Memoir of Life and Love After Death, written after her sisters death from cancer was both poignant and sad . My Mothers Wedding Dress: The life and Afterlife of Clothes was another touching memoir about how clothes evoke memories of people and places.

We haven’t read her latest novel yet but we think we are going to like Daphne, as it’s based around some of our favourite female writers, Daphne Du Maurier and the Brontes.

We were delighted when we stumbled across her personal blog, recently, as she posts about her own writing, other writers and things she likes. We particularly like her ‘Bibliotherapy, featuring subjects such as ‘What to read when you are on a diet, What to read in an English January’ and ‘What to read when you’re trying to stop drinking.’

Her latest post. ‘What to read (and what to eat) when you husband leaves you for another women,’ made us realise how reading blogs can make you feel very connected with the writer and we felt sad that she was sad.

It seems her friends have rallied round and offered support and recipes for cheesecake and if you or any of your friends are going through the same thing, Justine recommends Nora Ephron’s, Heartburn and Nigella Lawsons cherry cheesecake.

Justine Picardie

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