Shopping with experts: a bit of neon


If we’re not careful, it’s very easy to fill our wardrobe with things that are ‘the same only different’, resulting in a wardrobe that doesn’t move on or stay modern.


Before you know it your children are saying things like ‘Haven’t you already got one of those, mum?’. At which point middleagedad is likely to point out that actually, you have at least three of the same thing lurking in the cupboard.


We get into a groove with clothes and find it difficult to do anything other than buy what we know has worked before, which can be ageing. This season, The Women’s Room suggests you try a little touch of neon to liven things up. We bet you don’t have any in your wardrobe already (and we’re not counting gym kit or cycling jackets).


Take the above belt in neon blue (also available in neon orange) at £10 from Cos (New Look do a fabulous neon pink one for half the price if you’re on a budget). I have lots of black and grey in my wardrobe, they are my default colours when buying, but they’re dull, dull, dull at the moment. By putting a shot of skinny neon around the middle, it really makes a difference. It looks modern (bang on trend) and really updates up the look.

It would work equally well putting a fitted neon T shirt underneath the grey cardi, layered so just a bit of colour peeked out (too much is not a good thing unless you are very brave). Heaven knows we need something to brighten ourselves up currently, so give neon a go and report back on how it made you feel.

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