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Marianne Faithful has long been someone we are quietly obsessed with due to her inherent (and well documented) beautiful naughtiness when we were young and impressionable and her refusal to grow old and disappear. Although born with an angelic face and clearly hot body (she was Mick Jagger’s girlfriend for a while and one imagines you have to be pretty amazing to compete in that sort of league) she seemed hell bent for most of her life on doing everything she could to destroy it. Years of drug and alcohol abuse took its toll.


However, Ms Faithful is clearly one tough old bird as she seems to be rising like a phoenix in her later years to be something of a style icon. Her look of white shirt and tailored jacket is very flattering and perfectly sums up ‘rock-chick-grown-up’, perhaps because it is she who is the respected musician now. Her new album Easy Come Easy Go is a collection of covers and collaborations with some heavy weight rock stars, including Keith Richards. She’s clearly plays second fiddle to no-one. (as opposed to the much less convincing Jo Woods and her overly desperate ‘Ronnie who?’ aging rock star ex wife look).


We also love the way she wont shut up, she recently dissed Kate Moss for being a pseudo-friend and abandoning her once she’d used up all her connections. The untouchable Ms Moss should take note, we wouldn’t rate her chances in a bust up with the indestructible Marianne.


By the way, has anyone else noticed how Kate Moss is turning into Kathy Beale from Eastenders? Or is it just us?


Listen to Easy Come Easy Go

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