Slow down London: you know you want to!

Slow londonSometimes living in London can be horribly hectic. Throw in a job, commute and a family and you can end up feeling overwhelmed. I even found myself walking at a ridiculously fast pace up the High street in Southwold over Easter weekend, much to my children's amusement. 'Slow down mum, whats the hurry?' they laughed. It made me realise that I desperately need to stop rushing around so much!
So I was intrigued to read of a new festival dedicated to the concept of slow, coming to London this week.

Slow Down London is a new project designed to encourage Londoners to improve their lives by slowing down and do things well, rather than as fast as possible.
The festival will offer activities such as slow music, arts, meditation, yoga, slow food and crafts. It will also be a chance to challenge the cult of speed, offer ways to discover 'slow travel' in our own city and learn to appreciate the world around us.

Patron Ed Gillespie's slow voyage around the world, was recorded in the Guardian and Observer on his blog Low Carbon Travel and he suggests we should;
‘Cycle down a back street or wander round your local market on foot. Lie in a park and watch the clouds roll overhead or look at the architecture above the shop fronts on the high street. Switch off your phone, step away from the crowds, off the urban escalator and watch as a different London reveals itself. 

We love the idea of adopting a slower more European approach to city living and will defiantely be attending some of the events, as long as we can find the time!!

Slow down London

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