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Talking to the founder of Persephone books, Nicola Beauman last week, we asked her about the future of books. She thinks more and more people will be increasingly influenced by book blogs and lists Stuck in Book, Dove Grey Reader and Maude Newton among her favourites.
Maybe its something to do with the fact, that with blogs, you feel you are reading an honest review, or maybe its because blogs talk to connect to and lead tribes of like-minded people with a common interest.


Dove Grey Reader is our favourite book blog and was started in 2006 to to connect like-minded readers. The blog is now read all over the world with over 30,000 readers in the UK alone. The writer remains anonymous and all we know about her, is that she describes herself as, ‘a Devonshire based bookaholic, sock knitting quilter, who used to be a community nurse in her spare time.’ She loves to share her thoughts on reading, subjectively and emotionally, describe how a book has fired her imagination and think about what it makes her want to read next.

Like The Womens Room, Dove Grey posts every day and includes other things she likes, as well as books. But it’s her book reviews that we love and some of her recent recommendations that we have enjoyed, include; Hearts and Minds by Amanda Craig, The Room of Lost Things by Stella Duffy and The Other Elizabeth Taylor by Nicola Beauman.

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